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We've told you over and over again not to hack electronic road signs for comedic purposes, but some Australians have anyway. Apparently they don't find Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's policies too agreeable, leaving the message "Kevin Rudd Sucks."


A healthy percentage of the Aussie population is alarmed at the big brother flavor the country's government has taken on the last few years, pinning much of the blame on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Rudd's an ardent proponent of imposing filters on the internet and there's been quite the row lately over censorship and banning of mature (read: violent and fun) video games. As such, it's no surprise some enterprising hooligan took it upon themselves to publicly state that "Kevin Rudd Sucks" via electronic road sign. The sign was found late at night in the Sydney suburb of Rose Bay and police responded by using bolt cutters to remove the lock and turning the thing off.


Bad anonymous hooligan, bad! You definitely don't need to hack any more road signs and certainly not to read "Jalopnik For PM" []

Photo source Bill Hearne / The Daily Telegraph

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