If there's anything to remember this weekend as gas prices reach $3.831 per gallon, it's to not fall for gas-saving gadgets. These gadgets are hidden in a corner of your local auto parts store or advertised at 3 a.m. on television, but the fact of the matter remains that they just don't work. Popular Mechanics put a variety of these gadgets to the test at the Universal Technical Institute in Houston. Everything from fuel-line magnets that rearrange gasoline molecules to vortex generators that helps fuel mix better were put to the test with dismal results. Maybe you should check out our seven ways to save on gas instead of throwing your money away on tornadoes.

The gadgets ranged from $20 to $400 and in many cases decreased fuel efficiency and horsepower when tested on a dyno. The gadgets could also potentially harm your vehicle if used incorrectly. If you really want to take some drastic steps to conserve gas, you're probably better of praying you strike oil at your backyard barbecue. [PopMech]