The Volvo Concept Estate drew so much attention at the Geneva Motor Show that I simply couldn't sit in it to try how the materials feel. What I can tell though is that you better take a good look at that interior because all future Volvo's will have something similar, starting with the XC90.

The big news was the introduction of Apple's CarPlay of course, but I didn't care for that. Instead, I wanted to touch those carpets, but every time I went to Volvo, I found their amazing shooting brake full of Swedish television crews. And god knows they take up a lot of space.

So, I had to settle with da Matteo's coffee and great hospitality, wondering how much of that great design will Volvo dare to use in their upcoming cars.

A lot would be ideal, so let's keep our fingers crossed for Volvo putting the nicer part of your living room on wheels once again.

In the meantime, don't expect too see a production version of the Concept Estate. Be excited about the XC90 instead. If it will look anything like this, using it on a daily basis will be better than spending a long weekend inside an IKEA, accompanied by a team of Scandinavian supermodels, four gallons of Absolut and enough meatballs to cure any hangover.