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Almost 400,000 Ford Escape SUVs Recalled Over Rust

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Remember the fun-sized first generation Ford Escape? If you're still riding around in one you might want to give it a once-over, Ford just just issued a recall for some 385,760 2001 to 2004 Escapes over a "rust issue" that could cause components of the SUV to come apart and "affect the ability to steer."


Specifically, The Detroit News reports that the rust could lead to a separation of the lower control arm from the vehicle's subframe. This recall primarily applies to vehicles sold in Michigan, the northeast, midwest, and Eastern Canada— regions affectionally referred to as "the rust belt." Well hell, that makes me want to go out and powerwash the underside of my own vehicle right now.

Ford says it knows of only one Escape crash that may be related to this issue, and no injuries. So I guess they're playing it safe in light of their competitor's current situation. If you bring your Escape back to a dealership, Ford says they'll install a cross brace to mitigate the issue.

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Don't cars eventually rust out over time if driven how normal people would drive them? Are cars expected to last forever, now? I realize 10-15 years old isn't that old, but where do you draw the line?

My old boss's 1990-something Mercedes S-Class AMG 2-Door's shock towers rusted through and he had to get all that replaced. Should that have been recalled?