Don't Call it a Comeback: More FAFtasticness, Loverman Meets the Guillotine

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Okay, so I was a little disheartened when the Loverman dropped the DAF Pony bomb. But I got up, dusted myself off, checked for traces of polonium and syphillis, and then I got busy. Dude, Jonny. There was also a FAF Pony! What's more, there was the FAF Patrol, which featured your beloved four-wheel drive, and is probably the ultimate French car for listening to Discharge at very high volumes in. Beyond that, the madmen at Citro n came up with a plot to build FAF factories in developing nations, using local labor and materiel. They even laid out an equipment list for the plants. Which, in classic French style, featured a guillotine. Beat that, you wooden-shoe wearing hippies! Click through for the scheme.


Things required to build 500 FAFs a year [Parts not included]

12 pneumatic welding tongs, water-cooled
4 pneumatic sanders
1 arc welding unit
6 oxyacetylene torches
4 spray guns
2 sewing machines
1 guillotine
1 pair of shears
1 punching machine
1 lathe
4 pneumatic drills

Hatchback, Jonny. Hatchback.

FAF Facile Fabriquer, Facile Financer [Citro net]

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