'Donkervoort' Is Dutch For 'A Batshit Crazy Take On The Lotus Seven'

The original Lotus Seven was such a wonderful idea. Super lightweight, low to the ground, two seats, long hood, open top. Basically a race car you could drive every day. A lot of other companies have taken that idea and run with it, but it's possible that Dutch automaker Donkervoort does it the craziest.


As told in this new XCAR video, Donkervoort's latest effort the D8 GTO packs all the crazy you'll ever want and then some. It has a full carbon fiber body that equates to a weight of around 1,500 pounds, and its power comes from a 380 horsepower turbocharged Audi 2.5-liter five-cylinder.

You know, the one from the old TT-RS. I don't think anyone ever accused that car of having a crazy-deficit.

The D8 GTO doesn't hold your hand. It has traction control, but that's only for when it's raining. As Alex Goy says in this video, you have to do all the work, the car is just there to make sure you have the most fun possible.


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