Donk, er Bubble of the Day: Hawaiian Punch Cutlass

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We went into this post with every intention of deriding this Olds Cutlass highriser. But we've made a turnabout in the past few minutes, owing to our fondness for Hawaiian Punch and A-body Cutlesses. Sure, this thing has rims the diameter of wagon wheels, sure it has an interior only Spiderman could love, sure it has laminated seat covers. But, c'mon, Hawaiian freaking Punch. As long as it's not a Tang-themed GTO Judge, we're good. (Thanks to John for the tip.) [eBay]


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@ejacobs: It's a subculture, yes... Will I ever understand it? No. Why spend more money on the wheels than some of these cars are actually worth?

The only plus I see is that the cars are being restored, loved and kept in (otherwise) good condition. Hopefully when the fad is over these cars can be easily converted back to their original suspension configurations.