Do you like the occasional adult beverage? Do you like nerding out over cars while drinking that adult beverage? You do?! Then why not meet up with us, your friendly Jalopnik writers tomorrow evening so we can drink and talk cars together?

We'll be meeting at 6 PM tomorrow evening at Mother's Ruin (18 Spring Street, b/t Elizabeth and Mott) for some drinks and lively discussion of cars and the impact of Glasnost policies on the disolution of the Soviet Union. It should be an enlightening evening.

Matt wants to go there because they have fried garbanzo beans. I tried to explain to him that this isn't an uber popular dish amongst the majority of the world's population, but he insisted it was the shit and then said the word "kinja" like 37 times. 

It's been one of those days.

So yeah. Tomorrow night. Mother's Ruin. 6 o'clock post meridian. Be there or don't be there. There might be Jalopnik stickers, if I can find them somewhere in this kinja we call an office.