Illustration for article titled Doh! Rental Car Navigation Guides Man in Front of Moving Train

Oh fudge. So, if you've never used a GPS empowered navigation unit, the single most annoying thing about them is the lawyer's message that you have to agree to every single time you turn the damn car on. Yes, it's even more annoying than being given cockamamy directions. And you can now expect that screen to get even longer. Because yesterday one such system guided a computer consultant across some train tracks where he promptly got stuck. Lo and behold, here comes a train. The guy tried to warn the engineer to stop, but to no avail. The train plowed into the car at 60 mph and the car exploded. No one was hurt, as the driver ran to safety before the impact. About 500 passengers were stranded for a couple of hours. No word on what type of car, how it got stuck, or who rented it out. Any guesses? []


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