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Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Jessie the dog was just hangin' out in the bed of owner Paul Picolet's Ford F-250 this weekend when it up and rolled into the Chewuch River. The dog decided against swimming, so Okanogan County's Swiftwater Rescue Team was deployed to pluck the pup and carry it to safety.

Vikki and Ottis Buzzard secured their raft with rope, paddled to the truck and coaxed the dog to their boat with some effort, about two hours after the truck had rolled into the river.


Methow Valley News says responders from the Okanogan County, Washington Sheriff's Office, Aero Methow Rescue Service, Okanogan County Fire District 6 and the Winthrop Marshal's Office all helped get the truck out of the water.

As for the truck's owner, I imagine he won't forget the parking brake again any time soon.

Short Version video, which has all the action:


Full-length raw version to see more of the logistics, if you just can't get enough pup:

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