Does this spec sheet prove Porsche's ultimate GT3 is real?

An order sheet posted on Teamspeed could prove the 4.0-liter Porsche GT3 RS special edition is real. Do we really need another 911? Sure we do, when it's based on the best Porsche ever built, and uses the RSR engine.


Insiders have said the special edition will be the swansong for Porsche's true-dry-sump GT1 flat six descended from the old air-cooled days. The car — supposedly called the GT3 RS 4.0 — looks like it'll get 500 hp, making it the most powerful of the three GT3 models. According to the sheet — whose authenticity is still being debated — the special edition will cost nearly €150,000 without tax.

UPDATE: Despite the misspelling of "break" and the use of BHP (Porsche tends to quote Euro horsepower figures in PS), the person who posted the sheet insists he got it from a dealer, and that it's real.

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