On Wednesday the National Enquirer published photos allegedly showing Apple founder Steve Jobs leaving a California cancer treatment center, saying he had "weeks to live." But if this is Jobs, why is he riding in an old Honda Civic?


Jobs is famous for driving a silver Mercedes SL55 AMG with its license plate replaced by a bar code, a move that's not really legal in California but was apparently OK because its Steve Jobs. The car in the Enquirer photo is clearly a late '90s Honda Civic — you can see its velour door panel in one of the shots — and it's not the typical choice for taking a billionaire out on the town.

So we're left to wonder whether the Enquirer tracked the wrong sick man, or Jobs attempted to maintain the strict privacy around his health by riding as stealthily as possible. Although, when you're in a car this crappy it's almost so inconspicuous as to be conspicuous.