Nissan's Vision Gran Turismo car is the striking Concept 2020, a no-holds barred take on the future of performance. It's also a disguised peek at what we can expect from a future GT-R. And that's a magical, mystical thing.

The car was officially shown (or dropped, as Macy Gray would say) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier today. That also coincided with its online official unveil, which has given us the clearest look at it yet.

What we have is a car that is obviously a GT-R in almost every way, just future-ized. It's more aerodynamic, more sci-fi, more angular, more crazy (crazier). But some GT-R hallmarks, like the circular rear lights and aggressive face are still there.

The Concept 2020 will be available in a free update for the game soon, and we'll almost definitely see it on the streets in the next few years.

Hey, maybe in 2020. Ya never know.

UPDATE: And here are some live shots from our pal, ace photographer Douglas Sonders. Enjoy!