Does A SEAT Leon Cupra Stand A Chance In A Drag Race With A BMW M235i?

The SEAT Leon Cupra is that better-looking VW Golf R with so much power that it could almost make a purist forget about its FWD-ness. But is it good enough to go up against a BMW M235i in a drag race?


The SEAT will again rub enthusiasts the wrong way with its DSG against the manual-equipped BMW that EVO brings along for the race.

There isn't as much ridiculousness from the wheels as you might expect with 280-something horsepower in a front-drive hatch. But imagine what would happen if you gave the SEAT all-wheel drive and oh wait, that's basically what's at your VW dealership.


In any case, enjoy the sounds.

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Vicente Esteve

So, with that logic, if the drag race was in reverse would the Seat win?