Dodge Tomahawk? Please: "Jagged Edge" For Sale on eBay

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Remember when the Tomahawk rolled on stage beneath leather-clad Wolfgang Bernhard's posterior? Remember how we all thought Dodge must have had an aneurysm, and the "bitchin'" center of the brain was now running the show? Well, in light of what we have here, Dodge's Viper-powered bike/car mashup looks more like a malaise-era station wagon. It's "Jagged Edge," a one-off motorcycle powered by a twin-turbocharged, 5.3 liter, V12 Jag engine with a single cog driving the rear wheel. Fancy-pants suspension? Nope, it has the front end from a Kawasaki GPZ1100 and a hard tail rear (that means none). Highly engineered thoroughly tested transmission? Ha! It's cobbled together from a cacophony of motorcycle and Land Rover parts. The builder reports 120 mph is as far as he's pushed it, but says there's far more room to roar. Sir, we salute you. [eBay via Custom Mettle]



Man, with all that rake in the forks, it's gonna handle like shit in addition to being heavy as hell. Let alone being a hardtail bike. Good luck making 3-point turns if you ever have to do a U-turn. And just pray it never tips over, or you're gonna need a lift to get it back up again.

Good on him for actually building something himself, but why not build something that's actually a good idea instead of a colossal waste of time?