Dodge To Ride Bulls Into Detroit Auto Show For 2009 Ram Reveal

Illustration for article titled Dodge To Ride Bulls Into Detroit Auto Show For 2009 Ram Reveal

Chrysler makes a champion effort every January to win the Battle of the Unveils at the Detroit Auto Show. In past years we've seen glass-smashing, journalist tar-and-feathering and sending cryptic messages via waterfall to name just a few. And while we're pretty sure Chrysler's winning dominating with the most Over-The-Top Unveil points (but what about the cars?), they aren't about to stop for the unveiling of the new Ram. Up until this point it's all been humans and inanimate objects. So what's next? Animals! Cows, to be precise.

The horned brand from the automaker traded more times than a 40-year-old linebacker is apparently seeking approval from the City of Detroit to run a herd of cattle down Jefferson Avenue as part of the 2009 Dodge Ram introduction. One person familiar with the plan said it could look like John Wayne's "Red River." Sure it might look cool, but it will probably smell pretty uncool too — either way, we'll be on hand to witness the mayhem PRgasm. [Freep via Winding Road]

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I am so excited to see how this could possibly, tragically go wrong. Hopefully the poor bastard who signed off on the Jeep Compass will at least get slightly maimed to death.

If I agreed to get a nickel for every time the presses will inevitably use the censored form of the word "bullshit"...