Dodge Confused By Women, Seeks Beard

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Dodge's Super Bowl ad was all about women making it hard for men to be themselves. A companion ad involves dumping a slightly butch woman and their Facebook campaign's a search for "super" beards. Something you wanna tell us Dodge?

If the Super Bowl commercial was a treatise on how hard it is to be a man then their companion ad — a female version — is about how hard it is to date a woman who really likes Heart and flannel shirts. This would just be a coincidence if there wasn't a simultaneous campaign on Facebook involving a search by Dodge for the "Super Beard."


And who said CBS wouldn't let anyone run a Super Bowl ad targeting gay people?

(Hat tip to Aaron)

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So... If I buy a Dodge Charger I'm a Real Man whose last refuge from female hegemony is his car.

And a woman whose only valued possession is her Bitchin' Charger.

And something to do with Awesome Beards.

How do we combine these? Can we? SHOULD WE?