Dodge Challenger Super Stock Teases Us In Video Form

Chrysler has released a teaser of sorts for the tasty Dodge Challenger Super Stock package, to be offered up through Mopar for straight line racing fanatics. Judging by the sounds this thing is making, it's going to be a gnarly beast on the track. We were hoping the meth-like addiction to Mopar's muscle car was fading. Must be all that Amerigasm action causing it to flare up again.

Unfortunately, it's only a tease. We don't really get to see the car too well, but if its bite is anywhere near as strong as its bark, there are going to be a whole lot of 1/4-mile drivers under the Saturday night lights. According to the script-reading Mopar guy in the video, we'll be getting the full scoop in no time. [Chrysler]

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Giant Lobster Monster

Wow that sure sounds awesome! But I guess I'll have to pass. Who can afford to feed such a monster these days? Unfortunately, the good old days for when this car was designed seem to have passed. I would go for a lighter vehicle if I was in need for speed.