Dodge Challenger burns to a crisp on assembly line

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The power of a heat lamp too close to the assembly line turned this nearly finished Dodge Challenger into something you might find if you left a baked potato in your oven for a few hours. Maybe FIAT ownership is rubbing off on Chrysler this week.


A cell phone image leaked from the Brampton, Ontario plant and onto the Moparts message board where enthusiasts discussed the possibility of this car being a rare limited edition Challenger SRT8 392 model.


They also speculated about the "real" cause, including suggestions that this was the result of either high employees or part of some brilliant scheme to fudge the numbers:

Fiat management likes to burn 1 or 2 cars per shift to increase production numbers but not increase cars in the sales bank.

Flame it again, Tony!

But in all seriousness, this is the second new Mopar to catch fire in a week — are we the only ones who think that's rather odd?

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Like the earlier Dodge fire movie, I have to ask WTF took them so long to put it out. You mean in a working factory that there isn't a massive fire suppression system and/or lots of extinguishers? It doesn't make sense. Shit can happen in a factory, and there should be lots of CO2s all over the place.