Watch This BMW M5 V8-Swapped Ford Transit Van Get Sideways

Is there anything more satisfying than seeing a humble delivery vehicle in opposite lock? Probably not.

When the folks at Transit Center wanted to check out a new set of Trateo hubs, they knew just the test. They unleashed European drifter Maciej Polody in the seventh-generation Ford Transit lovingly dubbed the “Drift Bus” to see how they’d hold up.


The Drift Bus packs the V8 engine from a BMW M5, making it way more fun on this Polish rallycross track than anyone should have in a Ford Transit.

[H/T Paweł!]

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Do yourselves a favor, listen to it with the volume off.
Sure, it has the V8 from an M5, but you’d never know it from that video. Is there a raw / unmolested copy or some b-roll that showcases the glorious noise from the uncorked V8 instead of the sound a CD makes when you run it through a shredder?

EDIT: found a video. If I’d watched through to the end, there’s a link for this: