Do You Expect Anything Good From GM Anymore?

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GM has a deep bench of greatest hits: the Buick Century, the Cadillac Sixty Special, the Advanced Design Chevy truck, and the small block V8 are a very small few. Do we have any reason to expect another good car from GM, though?


I ask this because GM is likely planning a Toyobaru competitor sourced from Australia. The Aussie-designed G8 was a sweet car, and so was the GTO before it, however, GM has a long and trusty history of screwing up everything it touches. Bugattatra put together a little compilation (on the left) of every interior of every 2013 GM product, and it gives you an idea what is wrong with the General.

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A little creativity goes a long way.

Pauljones responded with more than a slight bit of sarcasm.

Wait, you mean GM cars share ergonomic layouts and occasional interior design details!?

Bugattatra concurred with some sarcasm of his own.

Yes, you're right, expecting a smidgen of variety between models is asking too much.


Now I wonder - is it too much to expect even a single good car from GM? Can we genuinely expect them to build a worthy competitor to the FR-S and the BR-Z any more than we can expect the Pontiac 6000 to compete with a 1980s BMW? Even if GM built a good car, would they keep the car around for longer than ten minutes?

Photo Credit: GM, Alden Jewell

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Congratulations, Mr. bugattatra and Mr. pauljones, on shared COTD today! I have for each of you a GM Buick which this lovely lady will bring to you in a few days.