Hell yeah! More like this please. Commenter Brandon V writes:

Last night I dreamt vividly of a mythical hardtop shooting brake based on the Datsun Fairlady 2000, a sort of shooting brake version of the early Silvia CSP311. My dream neighbors were keeping an eye on a silver version of this mythical car that a friend of theirs had left behind as he went out of town. It was parked "down on the street".

The QOTD of the day is: do other Jalopnikers dream of specific or mythical cars? Not "what is your dream automobile?", but specifically, when you are asleep does your subconscious mind go into fantasy driving mode, and if so what are the best cars you've ever driven in your dreams?


That's right be-yotches, we're now haunting your dreams. As for the Question at hand, we had a nightmare about a 1996 Sentra one time. Er, make that we had a nightmarish 1996 Sentra one time. You?

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