Do Not Throw An Alligator Into A Drive-Thru Window

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One Florida man found out the hard way that tossing a four-foot alligator through a drive-thru window will get you in a heap of trouble with The Man. Whatever you do, do not throw a gator through a drive-thru window.

The Associated Press writes that gator-chucker extraordinaire Joshua James was trying to play a prank:

Twenty-four-year-old Joshua James told the judge Tuesday that he’s sorry he threw the alligator through the window at a Wendy’s last October. He said he found the nearly four-foot gator by the side of the road and meant to play a prank on a friend at the restaurant.


Authorities initially charged James with felonies (plural!) including assault with a deadly swamp varmint weapon, however, he ultimately received a much lighter sentence of one year of probation. No one was harmed in the stunt, per the AP, and the gator was returned to the wild.

Again, do not, I repeat, do not throw an alligator through a drive-thru window.

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