Do Electric Motorcycles Suck?

We know the arguments in favor of electric cars — reduced net emissions, a shift toward domestically-obtained energy sources, the torrrrrrque. Still, uncertainty continues to dog the passenger e-vehicle. Is the same true for a new crop of electric motorcycles? Let's find out.


Our own Two-Wheels Baddie, Wes Siler and RideApart co-host Grant Ray wanted to set straight the record on electric motorcycles. How do they compare to their gassy counterparts in ride and handling? Are they fun? Will they strand your ass on the side of the road if you're not airline-pilot rigorous with managing the power drain?

These are the most important questions in determining whether or not today's electric bikes are worth the premium price — at least for non-early (later?) adopters.

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Loud pipes save lives. As much as i'd LOVE to ride an electric motorcycle, the fact they're silent means not only does no one SEE motorcycles, no one will HEAR them either.