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Car comparison tests are among the most popular reviews you find on the Internet or in car magazines. Does anyone actually listen to them though?

When Sam Smith of Road & Track asked for advice and requests for upcoming issues, reader seanxr replied with this call for more creative juxtapositions.

Comparison tests outside of market segment. Instead of an SUV comparo that starts with the typical "You considered a mini-van, but wanted ..." compare the best minivan to the best SUV for the purposes of basic family hauling. As an involved driver, what's the better solution to hauling a bunch of people and cargo. Instead of complaining about how luxury SUVs have killed off station wagons, test the best luxury performance SUV against the Mercedes AMG wagon. As an involved driver, ...

You get the point. Don't be limited to how the car companies categorize their wares.


Have you ever made a buying decision based on a comparison test, or are they just there to draw up fanboy rage when one car gets picked over another?

Photo Credit: Alexandre Prévot