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DIY Electron-Heads in Marin

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The Marin/Sonoma area is a rather interesting place, to say the least. Featuring some of the most entertaining driving roads in the state, coupled with both hippie and white-trash aesthetics, it only makes sense that the area is a hotbed of DIY EV construction. While the tech kids at Tesla down on the Peninsula subcontract engineering and construction out to Lotus and Norsk Hydro, guys like Brian Hall of Thunderstruck Motors in Santa Rosa take a bit more of a DIY-tinkerer approach, using off-the-shelf parts and good old electrician's wizardry to come up with electric vehicles that if they don't feature the classic dusted-Deuce-out-at-El Mirage exterior aesthetic, they're certainly more-than-similar in spirit.


Marin residents make their own electric vehicles [Marin Independent Journal]

Coop Might Build Electric Motorcycle, Maybe [Internal]

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Gas prices sparking interest in EV Conversions:

The economics of oil is becoming a burning issue for average consumers. When you look at the cost of plugging in versus pumping gas, it makes a lot of sense to Go Electric. (

Just think, 20 to 30-year-old ICE cars (Internal Combustion Engine cars) can be remade (renewed) as Qlectric, born again, NICE kars (NO infernal combustion engine), for low to moderate income commuter members of the REV-ON Qlectric Kar Co-Op Garage, coming summer 2007.

For background information, be sure to navigate to info we have posted about the highly successful 2006 summer EV Conversion workshop, run by Mr. Q, a retired high school auto shop teacher, EVAOSD (The Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego), and using Mike Brown's "make it simple and dependable" EV Conversion textbook.

Visit Village Energy ( for more information.