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If you want a good, meaty technical analysis of a Le Mans prototype, look no further than Mulsanne’s Corner. Audi just unveiled their latest R18, so it’s about time Mulsanne’s Corner mastermind Michael Fuller got his hands on the photos for a full run-down of the new changes.

Under the Darth Maul-inspired livery, the new R18 is a bit more like the Porsche 919 that beat it in both in the World Endurance Championship and at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year. This year’s R18 is a little more rectangular, with a lithium-ion battery for energy storage, and its nose sits a bit taller.


But why? And what are those curious fender strakes for? Go here for Fuller’s full analysis of every little detail on the new car, complete with image comparisons and annotations. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Audi

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