Discover the Lost Art of In-Car Aerobics

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We’ve rediscovered a lot of good shit thanks to culture’s current obsession with 1980s nostalgia. But so far, MotorWeek’s “How to Exercise in Your Car” might be my favorite.

This absolutely must be viewed with the sound on to be appreciated:

MotorWeek runs old clips on its YouTube channel in a playlist called Retro Reviews. We blog about them on the reg because it’s fun to look at cars we’re used to seeing as worn out as a toddler’s stuffed animal in the context of when they were shiny and new.


Vintage MotorWeeks are typically deadpan and a little corny, in the best kind of way, but this episode in particular takes it to another level as fitness instructor Marilyn Pick goads a MotorWeek test driver (the self-described “Motor Weaking”) into doing some aerobics in a Mercedes R107 SL and eating fewer french fries.

So yeah, it pretty much looks like something that would be parodied by the Mouthbreather Instagram account and I love it.


Ms. Pick is still doing her thing, by the way!