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A story that rivals papa Henry's Nazi medal for Things Ford Most Wants to Forget has surfaced once again. A group of former union organizers in Argentina has filed a civil suit against FoMoCo and its Argentine subsidiary claiming the men were kidnapped and tortured inside the company's plant in the dawning years of that country's military dictatorship and subsequent "Dirty War" of 1976-1983. The workers, who had filed a similar criminal suit against Ford Argentina in 2003, claim they were beaten, tortured by electric shocks and subjected to mind-fuck techniques favored by the junta of the time. (To be fair, Ford's not the only company who has faced such charges; Mercedes Benz's Argentine affiliate was accused of the same kind of anti-union violence.) See kids, those unaware of history are doomed to repeat it — and that doesn't just apply to the 1977 Pinto Cruising Wagon.

Ford Sued In Argentina Over Alleged Kidnappings, Torture [CNN]

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