No, someone didn't try to open the Ark of the Covenant in the trunk of this Mitsubishi Diamante. So what caused it?

Turns out this Mitsubishi was merely parked too close to a massive chemical fire that forced the evacuation of nearby businesses and homes New Iberia, Louisiana. Side note: Plastics make it possible!


The fire was the result of an explosion earlier this week at the plant owned by Multi-Chem, a maker of oil-field chemicals. No injuries were reported, but authorities evacuated anyone within a one-mile radius of the facility.

The owner of this Mitsubishi Diamante probably high-tailed it out of there, though the rear clip of the car turned all Aliens Vs Predator due to the searing heat. Officials were still battling the blaze more than three hours after the explosion, the cause of which was unknown.

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