Did Jimmy Kimmel Set This Car On Fire?

What happens when you spend more time making your car look good rather than make it, you know, work? Uh, this happens. Or not, because it's probably fake.

Let's analyze this video. The intrepid (maybe Australian, maybe American) Nissan S14 driver gets his car ready, turns the key, and the whole thing goes up in flames. The guy sits there for a little bit, then runs out, and then, oddly, turns off the camera.

One might suspect that your first order of business after getting out of your car that is on fire would be to get a fire extinguisher, but this guy is more concerned with the video. Hm.


Beyond that, it looks like the fire is more behind the car rather than under it.

That all being said, the video's great, even if it looks fake as hell.

(Hat tip to BigNSlow!)

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