Is The Electric Golf Quicker Than The GTI?

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The Volkswagen Golf E is a very nice hatchback that sips no fuel, but some of us want to be both mean and green. Not for U.S. consumption is the Golf GTE. It is a plug-in hybrid with a 148hp turbo and many of the suspension components from the GTI and it may be quicker than it's hot-hatch brother.


In the video below Automann tests the new Golf GTE with two acceleration runs to 100/kmh (aprox 62/mph). In pure electric mode it takes 10.4 seconds, but when the 1.4 liter motor is combined with the electric drive-train the 204 horsepower GTE reaches 100/kmh in 6.3 seconds. Volkswagen quotes 6.5 seconds for the GTI with 220 horsepower, they also estimate a 7.5 second run for the GTE.

Of course we have seen the advantages of the electric motor putting down instant torque, but the added weight of the GTE combined with the lower horsepower rating doesn't add up. That is because many reviews are regularly clocking the GTI under 6 seconds. Regardless of whether or not the GTE is quicker than it's gas only stablemate, to have that kind of acceleration coupled with a possible 157mpg would make for a fun and frugal combo. While we can't have the GTE, you will be able to find the same hardware in the upcoming A3 e-tron.


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"The Volkswagen Golf E is a very nice fuel sipping hatchback,"

How do they do that? To make it sip fuel, do they force it?