Dickheads Drive By Bus Stop And Steal A Guy's Pizza

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I'm not sure who these right-hand-drivers are, exactly, but what kind of jackass grabs a pizza out of a guy's hands as he waits for the bus? Poor bastard already has to take the bus, and now you take his pizza? Also, to the pizza-stealers: you laugh like how I imagine leprechaun nerds laugh before they shoot green milk out of their noses.

This video was on Reddit, and some of the comments there are pretty great. Like this one:

Maybe him getting his pizza stolen results in him getting laid that night which results in a girl getting pregnant which results in a baby being born which results in one fucked kid who has to resort to stealing pizzas from strangers to eat at night. That's one fucked up cycle


followed up by

And then the kid realizes he died during childbirth and was never really born. M.NightShyamalan'd!



Maybe they circled around and gave the pizza back? Maybe? I hope so. It's not right to steal a man's pizza. And, yes, they're filming in portrait mode, which I've heard is the worst crime man has ever perpetrated against man.


(via Reddit and Richard)