Dick Dale -- Miserlou

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams.


Who says you need lyrics for a kickass song?

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Garrett Davis

I’ve got fond memories of this song.

It all started when I was maybe 8-9 or so and I was in the grocery store with my dad in Palm Springs, CA. We were in the produce section and my dad leans over and whispers to me:

“Hey, you see that man right there?”


“That’s Dick Dale. You remember that song I showed you with the really fast guitar?”


“Well that’s him!”


My eyes were probably halfway popped out of my head just staring at this regular looking dude/guitar deity. We go around and do our shopping and once we end up in line, none other than Dick Dale himself is standing behind us. He’s looking at the magazines and I reach up and nervously tug on his sleeve.

“Ummm... Mr. Dale?”

He looks down, surprised,


“My... My dad told me that um, you play guitar so fast that you go through an entire um, and entire guitar pick each song. Is that true?”

He chuckles and asks my name, and I tell him. Then he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a white guitar pick and hands it to me. My eyes go even wider somehow and I take the pick. He tells me:

“Here, you take this and see if you can find a guiter and try for yourself. One day you’ll be able to play even faster than me, I bet.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Dale! I’ll practice every day!”

That night I sat in the living room and listened to Dick Dale tapes that my dad had and played air guitar with that pick. The next day I brought the pick to school and told all my friends, but none of them had any idea who the hell Dick Dale was.

After I got home from school I go to take the pick out of my pocket and I can’t find it anywhere. I search all over and retrace my steps, walking back and forth from my house and the bus stop and I can’t find it.

I was crushed. Still am, actually.

So that’s my story about this song.