I like to go shoot photographs at self-service junkyards, but the trade-off you get from a rapid turnover of inventory tends to be excessive regimentation of the cars. No trees growing through engine compartments, and so on.

Fortunately, one of our readers has a neighbor who enjoys photographing the elderly Detroit iron in the more "traditional" junkyards in his native Michigan, and this guy has quite an eye for great shots. I've picked out a couple dozen at random, and you can check out the whole 450-image set here. Here's what tipster John has to say:

My neighbor restores cars. He's always looking for parts or a "donor car" for whatever project he's working on at the time. Over the last 8-10 years, he's been traveling to various salvage yards in the south (we live in Michigan), and has been taking pictures of vehicles for reference or "future projects".

The majority of the cars in the pics have been either sold or completely parted out. Some cars are too far gone (trees growing through engine bay), and will probably rot where they lay...

[Salvage Yard set on Flickr]