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Man, screw John Donne and Papa Hemingway, we wanna listen to Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls," yo? And as of right now, the Detroit News has stepped up beside our Robert Farago in his candlelight vigil and taken him by the hand, solemnly grieving to the ringing thunder of the pealing bells. Predicting that somebody like Kirk Kerkorian could waltz up, buy the General lock, stock and smokestacks for $13.5 bil, turn around and sell off GMAC for $15 billion and then dump the company into receivership, walking off with a tidy profit in the process; the whole situation's become a huge worry for Detroit, and what's more, when sombody that big goes down, chances are good we're all gonna feel it. We're gonna go listen to Ride The Lightning now. [Thanks to Nicholas for the tip.]

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