Detroit Auto Show: We Talk 2009 Ford F-150, Toby Keith, Lobo Edition With Engineers

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After spending part of the day with the fine folks responsible for the new 2009 Ford F-150 we've had some of our questions answered. First of all, they're not in any hurry to release the power numbers so you can stop asking, though they're going to be adding the diesel in 2010. Those wanting a manual transmission? Petition all you want, but even with gas prices going up the number of F-150's orders with a manual transmission keeps going down.


Why the introduction of the Platinum Edition? According to Matt O'Leary, one of the driving forces behind the new F-150 at Ford, the King Ranch Edition "has more of a southwestern flavor" and Ford wanted something to provide "more of a Chicago or Manhattan" feel with their new truck, focusing on aluminum touches with tuxedo-stiched leather as opposed to the leatherfest that is the King Ranch. He also pointed out that they've found no maximum for luxury trucks (ahem LT) And for fans of the LOBO edition, we can tell you that it's coming back with the new models. Also, Ford HEARTS Toby Keith.