Detroit Auto Show: The Post Where We Make Fun Of Popular Mechanics

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Doing a list of the top ten new cars at Detroit seems like a somewhat unnecessary exercise as the ten most important reveals should be fairly obvious. Then we read the top ten list from Popular Mechanics and realized that maybe it wasn't obvious to everyone. While the list does hit on the obvious ones (Corvette ZR-1, Genesis and Audi R8 V12 TDI), the list manages to not only whiff on some of the show's biggest reveals, but also to miss ones you'd expect the editors of Popular Mechanics would want to highlight.


We think the new Fisker Karma is not only a big deal (Mark Fields showed up to see what was going on) but exactly the kind of car people flip to the front of Popular Mechanics to see. And how do you skip the Mazda Furai and in its place put not one, but two, of the fugly chrysler eco concepts with no clear explanation of how they're powered. While we absolutely love Popular Mechanics, we also salute you for throwing up a story that normally couldn't have come into existence without the use of a list and a dartboard. [Popular Mechanics]