As the original Lancer GSR begat what we now know as the EVO, the concept of evolution was not lost during the Mitsubishi Prototype X reveal. Even though we're still not clear on what deoxyribonucleic acid has to to with automobiles made of aluminum und shteel, we present the Prototype X reveal in two parts. Mitsubishi President Hiroshi Harunari also explains how Mark E. Smith and superior platform engineering have bumped new Outlander sales up 225%! The original Lancer GSR and Prototype X have starring roles as well. Mitsubishi has even brought forth a two-part Lancer and Prototype X walkaround with Dan Sims, General Manager of Mitsubishi R&D of America design studio. Go grab a sangwich or Coney Island and soak up the turbo specialty sports.

Prototype X Reveal Part 2; Lancer Walkaround Part 1; Lancer Walkaround Part 2 [External]

SUPER DURABILITY! Mitsubishi Lancer, The Elder; SUPER DETROIT UNVEILING POTENTIAL! Turbo Specialty Sports Sedan: Prototype X [Internal]