Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: Smart Unveils 58 MPG Stop-Start Hybrid

We don't have many details as Wes, our intrepid road trip warrior, doesn't have internet access on the floor at the moment, but we've just been told Smart has unveiled a micro-hybrid drive with stop-start technology. It cuts the engine below 5mph when braking and it gets 58 MPG. We'll have more from the Detroit Auto Show on this new but not at all startling development when we get more.
Update: Well that's about all there is to report. Smart are calling the system Micro Hybrid Drive, but it's basically just a system that cuts the engine while the vehicle is at a standstill or when it's below 5mph while braking. Smart claim this improves urban fuel economy by 30%. No definitive commitment to selling Smart ForTwo's equipped with Micro Hybrid Drive in the US was made, but was heavily hinted at it.

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