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Detroit Auto Show: Rancheroized Lincoln MKT Concept; No, It's Not Real

Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: Rancheroized Lincoln MKT Concept; No, Its Not Real

If Lincoln had a sense of humor, they might have gone with a Ranchero version of the MKT concept that's showing in Detroit today. Of course, they did build the Blackwood pickup, so they're not completely without irony, intended or not. Still, we're not relying on The Man to supply such a car; instead we turn to commenter Adamskiy, who mocked up an MKT Ranchero, sans white fiberglass cap (though maybe that'll be in a future draft). May all your beers be served in Swarovski crystal.


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Mike the Dog

Odd that you should mention the Blackwood.. I saw one at the Kroger just outside Ypsi yesterday. Adamskiy, this thing is cool, mad props for the photochop.