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Every time we go to Detroit the same question is asked. What does Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY have to do with food in Detroit? Even now the mystery of Coney Island has yet to be solved. As to the origins of the phrase Coney Island coming to encompass Detroit cuisine, our own Mr. Wojdyla informed us that there was no answer. The mere mention of Coney Island brought with it an upset stomach to the lovely GM greeter standing near the Volt concept. She emphasized this condition by clutching her midsection. As far as we can determine the term is used loosely to describe either a broad range of food, or specific style of hot dog. Greeks and perhaps Coney Island itself may have been responsible. We need to hire Banacek, Columbo, and Kojak to solve this great culinary mystery.

Police, Help! GM's Trying To Eat Athens Coney Island! [Internal]


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