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Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Forum Concept Family Vehicle Has Time Out Button, Microwave, Nanny Cam

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Modestly described as "the ultimate family vehicle," the Nissan Forum Concept is pretty much a rolling home away from home. This capacious vehicle features a couple key features to accommodate any growing brood. My favorite option is the "Time Out" button located on the steering wheel. It will terminate the broadcast of all types of media and entertainment being consumed in the backseat. Kids acting up? Turn that Hannah Montana diva off for good! Parents can monitor their offspring (as well as anything else they might be transporting) with a nanny cam integrated into the roof above the center console. No longer will Dad have to look over his shoulder while simultaneously parallel parking and frantically BlackBerrying. The center console microwave is perplexing. My apartment smells for days after simply popping popcorn—I can't imagine what a few dozen chicken nuggets would do to "that new car smell." Oh well, at least the center row of seats can spin to face each other and the binnacle contains motion controls.