Detroit Auto Show: Mooo, Cow!

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Despite our reveal a few days back — Dodge's now ready to officially reveal the new 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 in a few minutes and we're here live. As we've told you before, the new Ram will be revealed in a few moments amid a stampede of rampaging Texas longhorn steer — as seen above in their holding pen on Congress down the street from Cobo. And by stampede we mean it'll probably be the 125 of them docilely meandering up Congress Ave, around the corner and up toward the press risers set up here in front of the hall. But — think of how much fun it'd be if a few of them went a bit astray? And did we mention the press risers are bright red? Oh, the potential humanity. In the meantime we're going to listen to CEO Bob "The Builder" Nardelli — we wonder if we'll see him and Jim Press give each other a bit of a hug. We hear some think they won't.


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