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Detroit Auto Show: Mitsubishi to Build Turbodiesel Lancer

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This image was lost some time after publication.

As Edmunds reports, Mitsubishi's planning Lancer powered by a common-rail turbodiesel, which uses a variable diffuser to vary compressor flow, reducing lag. The engine's being developed for the European market with parent Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. No specs yet, and no plans likely for an Evo diesel, though some joker at Gale Banks is probably already planning a kit.


Detroit Show: Mitsu Reveals Plans for Sport Diesel Lancer [Edmunds]

Detroit Preview: Mitsubishi Reveals 2007 Lancer [internal]

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Rabbi Dave

this was also in their press materials. Hitting the states in 2010. I won't hold my breath. BTW this thing gets 31 mpg hwy? the new civic gets 40 mpg, hell the Si gets 32 hwy!