Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: Maserati Reveals Collezione Cento, Complete with Touchscreen Internet

We previewed Maserati's limited-edition Collezione Cento yesterday, but here it is in person. We now know that the 100 units all feature 10-inch touch screen monitors in the back of each front seat. Rear seat passengers can use them in conjunction with the keyboard housed in the center armrest to browse the Internet or watch movies. That rear armrest also contains an iPod dock, USB port and auxiliary line-in, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port for other peripherals.


The interior is clothed in something Maserati lushly identifies as "Poltrona Frau Cuoio" leather. We're not sure if the direct English translation is "1970s Bordello," but it might as well be. And yes, it gets better: The vehicle's nameplate and the trident in the gear knob both get mother-of-pearl inlays.

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