Detroit Auto Show: KITT Heading to Detroit to Play on Ford Stage

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We're hearing among the "plethora" of official reveals from Ford at the Detroit Auto Show this weekend will be an additional piece of product pr0n to feast our eyes on — for the second time (we know you remember the first time our Gawker LA videographer Molly caught KITT. That's right, our sources tell us the GT500KR-like Mustang GT playing the role of KITT in the new Knight Rider movie/TV show/Mini-Series/whatevs will be on display for the media come Sunday morning. Now if only they'd fly Will Arnett out so we could hear it say "Mark Fields, jump in!" Yes, that'd be epic. Of course you too can follow along live at our Detroit Auto Show tag page, or if you're technically inclined, hit up the RSS feed for your fave feed reader — or just keep madly hitting refresh on our main page — whatever works best for you. Because that's what we're all about here — you. And cars. And sometimes, the Hoff.




Sure, everybody remembers Knight Rider, but did anybody actually like Knight Rider? I can't imagine this remake is actually going to be any good and I can't understand all this attention for a fictional car that is probably no better than baseline V6 under the hood.