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This is the moment the Big 2.5 have feared for years. Toyota has taken the gloves off and is giving the US consumer its (potentially perfect) version of "our truck." Unlike Nissan's half-hearted water toeing (Titian), the massive new Tundra will be available with a host of body configurations, engine choices and the ability to tow a small house around behind it. Seriously, the 5.7L gas engine makes over 400lbs. ft. of stump pull. But what we can't stress enough is the size of this beast. We were cracking up when presented with its rising sun massiveness in Los Angeles. In Detroit, it just gets bigger with the debut of the CrewMax four-door. They also showed up with a two-door, short bed Sport model. And judging by the "bigger is bester" commercials running on loop during the playoffs yesterday, Toyota fully understands this most 'backy chewin' lucrative of demographics.


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