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Look what was wrapped around our complimentary Wall Street Journal at the Detroit Auto Show today: a love letter written by BMW to diesel. Full text and a big picture after the jump.


Diesel, it's not your fault

Many years ago, you were created with the best intentions.
The weight of the world's needs were put on you.
And you served a purpose - you got people from point A to point B.


But you were loud. You were smoky.
And let's face it, you stunk.

No one was able to harness your power.
No one was able to make you truly fuel-efficient.
No one was able to reduce your emissions.

Until now.

Introducing BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance.
Now you can go more than 500 miles on a single tank.
Now you can emit less CO2 than any other diesel in your class.
Now you're our most powerful, cleanest-burning six-cylinder diesel ever.


And now you're coming to America.
America's first diesel with a variable twin-turbo inline-six engine.
Finally, America will learn why over 60% of our sales in Europe are for diesel.

Diesel, welcome back.

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