Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Mercedes GLK Vision Freeside Unveiling Extravaganza

We've already showed you Mercedes' new mouthful, the 2009 GLK Vison Freestyle 320 CTDi Bluetech Concept. But tonight, Mercedes officially unveiled it at big band extravaganza at MOCAD.

Due to the extravagance of the event, we couldn't help but feel that we were experiencing something akin to the last days of the Roman Empire. While a 1920's influenced German brass band played Britney Spears covers, Kim Catrall made a cameo appearance, we drank moderately-priced champagne and Dr. Z delivered a partially incomprehensible accounting of Mercedes' accounts.


We don't really understand where the GLK fits into all of this and weren't totally impressed. It looks like a busy, fussy X3 with really cool, optional, roof rack mounted LED lights — basically the 2009 version of KC smiley faces.

The one saving grace was the wheels. Which actually delivered on the classy, art deco feel Mercedes were trying to go for with the whole thing.

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